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Freezers Don’t Like Heat Waves – What you can do to help.

As we all swelter in the current heat wave did you spare a thought for your freezer?

Freezers operate more efficiently in cooler weather and consume less power too. Every time you open the door you allow hot moist air to enter the freezer, not only does this increase the temperature but it also creates frost build up in the freezer and on the cooling coils, resulting in increasing the number of defrost cycles per day. 

Every time your freezer performs a defrost cycle, electricity consumption increases and the heat you are adding into the freezer for the defrost has to be taken back out, which results in the freezer being not very energy efficient.

The simplest way to reduce the load on your freezer is to keep the door closed!


“But I need to get product in and out”…... that is true but you can try the following steps to help the situation:

  1. Minimise the number of times you open the door.

  2. Don’t leave the door open when you go in and out of the freezer, close it behind you.

  3. Are strip curtains fitted over the door, are they all fitted (no gaps) and aren’t damaged? The curtains help reduce the amount of air entering the freezer when the door is open.

  4. Have you considered and air curtain over the door? These operate when the door opens and creates a buffer of air across the face of the door opening and prevents the warm air entering and cold air escaping. They also prevent insects and other bugs entering the freezer.

  5. If you really can’t keep the door closed have you considered a dehumidification system installed in the freezer, these run continuously and remove the moisture from the freezer. The reduction in moisture has the additional benefit of keeping floors free from ice preventing slip hazard it also reduces the build up of ice on the cooling coils reducing the number of defrost cycle needed for the coolers as there is a reduction in the frost build up on the coil. This reduces energy consumption by introducing less heat into the freezer from defrosting and less energy consumed by defrost heaters.


By good house keeping you can reduce the load on your freezer and reduce the energy consumption and save cost at the same time. Summer is the peak demand time on a freezer but introducing the steps above it is possible to reduce energy consumption on your freezer all year round.


If you want to find out more or like to discuss the options on your own application the contact AE Ltd.



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