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We have extensive knowledge in the design and installation of refrigeration equipment in a wide variety of applications from small chill rooms through to large multi-pallet cold stores and have gained extensive knowledge in the design and supply of Blast Freezing (Chilling) and Tempering systems, with in excess of 20 individual installations over the last 2 years.


The refrigeration equipment for the blast freezing units range in capacity from 30Kw to 123Kw at operating temperatures of -30oC.


We have developed a compact housed packaged package which includes all the refrigeration components and is supplied as a single unit, which greatly reduces the installation time on site.

The evaporative cooler located in the operating chamber can either be designed to be floor or ceiling mounted dependant on space or requirements of the individual application.

The compressor packs use semi hermetic economised Bitzer screw compressors, air cooled condenser with variable speed EC fans, air cooled oil cooler and integrated electrical control panel. 

The operation of the unit is designed for energy efficiency with the compressor capacity control matched to the system demand, this is further improved with the use of “floating head pressure control”. The is achieved using the EC fans on the condenser and Electronic Expansion Valves on the evaporative cooler. The entire operation of the system is controlled by an RDM PRO650TDB controller. This operates on our own bespoke software developed specifically for the blast freezing tempering units. The RDM controller allows for remote access either via modem router or direct to the customer’s network. This allows users to view the operation of the unit from anywhere via any internet browser without the need for any special software.  Full temperature recording and event logging is available via the RDM control, another feature is if an alarm occurs then an email is sent to specified users.

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